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The latest tailor-made kitchen by Officine Gullo was installed in an exclusive apartment in the heart of Manhattan, New York. In this all-amenity kitchen, metal pairs harmoniously with light oak cabinets. The personality of the steel, powder coated in gloss jet black, the elegance of light grey cabinets, and the polished chrome details and finishes instill style and refinement.

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The project perfectly mirrors the exclusivity of the apartment not only in terms of design but performance too. The made-to-measure kitchen is equipped with high-performance appliances, just like in a top professional kitchen, providing the client with the opportunity to cook at home with the same equipment as the world’s finest chefs.

The cooking area vaunts a 168 cm OG Professional range, whose upper section has a cooktop with 6 burners and a copper mijotage, and whose lower section is occupied by a professional electric oven. Two scratch-resistant shelves were placed on both sides of the cooking range to create space for food preparation, in addition to several spaces to store items and utensil holders. A professional extraction hood operates above the burners, while an elegant panel with polished chrome provides the finishing touch.

The impressively sized central metal island is embellished with a pure quartz crystal worktop, which serves as the wash and food preparation zone. The lower section contains drawers and storage space as well as a dishwasher, ice maker and a professional pizza oven with built-in food warmer.

A striking 4-meter wall completes the kitchen with various appliances pleasingly built into the cabinets. A double-depth storage cabinet, a fridge-freezer, microwave oven, coffee machine and professional wine cellar with dispenser all feature. Several cabinets and two glass-fronted cases with integrated LED lighting perfect the design and functionality of the wall.
Like with all creations by Officine Gullo, the composition of every project can be fully customized, ranging from the size to the cooktop, and even the engraving on the handles and color schemes. Every single detail is the result of detailed research and meticulous craftsmanship.