Restaurant at home

A perfect synthesis of technology, aesthetics, and ergonomics: these are the ingredients that make Officine Gullo kitchens unique, designed to allow owners to cook in their homes like chefs do in their restaurants.

Officine Gullo brings innovative technology to the home through appliances, cooking ranges and accessories, such as burners that can release power up to 10kW, lava stone grills, coup de feu, professional fryers, polished fry-tops, steamers, pasta cookers, refrigerators finished with anti-bacterial stainless steel, multi-temperature wine fridges, blast chillers, sous vide machines, and everything else required for a kitchen of professional quality.

All our cooking products are capable of professional performance while also embracing household ergonomics, allowing for everyday use with the utmost convenience. The design means that even non-professional cooks can use all available functions. Even upkeep and cleaning are simplified to the bare minimum using edge-free surfaces and special extraction systems with washable components.
The vast collection comes complete with table and kitchen accessories developed in line with the company ethos of bringing the restaurant to the home: shelving, small household appliances, knife sets, handcrafted copper pots and chopping boards.

Incorporation of advanced technology has enabled Officine Gullo to design and craft kitchens for Michelin-starred restaurants such as Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice; The Four Seasons Florence, helmed by Vito Mollica; the Probka restaurant chain with Aram Mnatsakanov in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev; Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s Villa Crespi and Antonello Sardi’s Virtuoso Restaurant. Over the years, the company has developed lasting relationships with these leading chefs, incorporating their recommendations into products and honing innovative cooking methods.

The power of the motor,
like in a luxury car

A mechanism of precision and power, which blends harmonious beauty and innovative cooking technology. Like a high-end sports car, the motor in Officine Gullo cooking ranges ensures extraordinary performance in an elegant design. The burners, an essential part of the engine, are manufactured in chrome-plated cast iron and solid brass. Equipped with a thermocouple and safety valves, they can release a power of up to 10 kilowatts.

The professional oven is crafted entirely in high-thickness steel, compatible with professional Gastronorm pans and ensures perfect cooking through even heat distribution. There are several cooking accessories in addition to the burners and oven: including a pasta cooker, a steamer, a lava stone grill, polished fry-tops, and more. All these options can be chosen by the customer and positioned without limitation on the stove.

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