Humans first

Humanism in Florence

Officine Gullo is worlds apart culturally from large-scale distribution due to its values, methods, procedures and objectives. Everyone who works with the company has an overview of the product in the design and manufacturing phases.

Today’s hyperspecialization has turned humans into a mere cog in the industrial machine. By investing in quality and focusing on craftsmanship, Officine Gullo has established itself on the global market, inverting the trend by putting humans first, as well as their needs, knowledge, abilities and inventiveness, our capacity to learn and communicate.
Putting humans at the centre doesn’t only means having an overview, a sense of responsibility and knowledge about the company. First and foremost, this means having the creativity, vision and courage to venture into unknown territory. It’s the same spirit that, at the height of the Renaissance, lead to Italian navigators discovering and exploring the New World. Throughout its history, Officine Gullo has known how to embrace market trends before they became fashionable. This was made possible thanks to the company’s in-person relationships with clients, always listening to their wishes and fulfilling their requirements.

The strength of the company lies in being firmly rooted in centuries-old humanistic values that put humans first, whether that’s entrepreneurs with their courage and creativity, or skilled coworkers, or clients with their hopes and visions for the future.

“Progetto Memoria”

Artisans, the pride of italian creativity

Officine Gullo kitchens are creations handcrafted in a highly technological production cycle. Expert hands shape materials, bestowing them with a unique soul through the light and shade of chiselling and burnishing. The human eye succeeds where machinery is unable to do so, distinguishing between perfection and mediocrity. The dexterity of the company’s master artisans plays an essential role in the crafting of the kitchens. For this reason, Officine Gullo has instituted “Progetto Memoria”, a programme aimed at valuing the human factor in production and to preserve the exclusive knowledge associated with the centuries-old legacy of craftspeople.

On entering the company, all Officine Gullo artisans embark on a training course aimed at preserving centuries-old metalworking and Florentine decorative art techniques. The teaching, like in the workshops of old, takes place daily under the tutelage of master craftspeople. This programme was made possible thanks to the guidance of individuals who still cherish the artisanal traditions and techniques that belonged to their forefathers. These master craftspeople long to support and promote the knowledge and value of traditions. Some of these stories of lifestyle, mastery and passion have been gathered and will be used to enrich the knowledge archive that Officine Gullo has pledged to preserve.

An internationally minded company that remains true to its family-run essence

Every Officine Gullo product tells a story crafted through a unique collaboration that involves architects, designers, engineers, artisans and digital creatives. This perfect blend of professions ensures that projects happen and that the wishes of our customers are fulfilled due to specialists who have an overview of the entire production process.


After an extensive exchange with the customer and in-depth research into his or her routines in the kitchen and spaces where the project will be developed, our architects and designers fulfil the client’s wishes step by step, from preparatory design to assembly. Like a tailored suit, the initial idea is sewn according to the client’s wishes and the needs of the surroundings, focusing on the aesthetics and particularly on the functional requirements of the people who will use the kitchen.


The Officine Gullo image is studied and marketed in the Creative Lab (CLAB), changing the values that the family and management have defined over the years into visuals. Every day CLAB strives to find new ways to communicate the company’s work. The 3D and graphic departments work alongside the marketing and communications departments to craft a clear company image.


Designs and technical drawings take shape in the workshop thanks to the meticulous dexterity of our master artisans. All methods, from cutting metal to brass finishes, are conducted by the same team of craftspeople who bestow their expertise on the kitchen, making every single detail unique and unmistakable.

Technical office

Design ideas become applicable technical drawings in the technical office. Officine Gullo products are engineered through meticulous planning in the various development stages, which ensures attention to detail and that the company guarantees the durability of its products over time. A “score” is composed here, which will be performed by our orchestra of master craftspeople.


Organization, processes, rules and control must always accompany creativity and ideas. No aspect of the Officine Gullo creative process would be possible without our administrative office, which coordinates all national and international operations, treasuring and updating our company’s archive every year.


From Italy to Europe, from the USA to South Africa, from the Middle East to South East Asia, Officine Gullo covers the global market through flagship showrooms located in the main world capitals and a vast network of experts in the area.

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