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In the heart of Chianti, Officine Gullo has crafted a tailor-made project, a high-caliber kitchen developed in partnership with the architecture firm Loop Studio.

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The entire estate, which stretches across approximately 100 hectares, fits into the typical Tuscan scenery of Chianti dotted with wooded hills, rivulets and fertile plains. In this bucolic setting, in addition to a top wine estate, the owners have renovated the old Pian Vecchio farmstead and the picturesque Castiglioni village, converting it into a luxury hospitality space. Officine Gullo has crafted a kitchen in the main residence, which vaunts a strong style and identity, blending the traditional charm of the centuries-old forms with up-to-the-minute, sophisticated kitchen technology.

The cool tones of the steel cooking range and the chrome-plated brass of the finishes have been expertly paired with the warmer hues of the straw yellow painted cabinetry. The result is a harmonious exercise in contrasting colors, accentuated by the natural light which shines in through an attractive arch window with views over the Tuscan countryside.
The centerpiece of the kitchen is an OG Professional cooking range, consisting of a dual-zone induction stove, four burners, a maxi burner, an electric grill and two multifunction ovens. A professional pyramid hood stands above the cooking zone. The emblem of the estate’s owners has been engraved on the handles, oven doors and hood.

The cabinetry extends along the sides of the cooking zone, forming two practical work counters. The first vaunts a wooden top and is designed for food preparation, while the latter, manufactured entirely in steel, contains the wash zone with an under-the-counter washbasin and a professional dishwasher. Various drawers and storage spaces are situated in the lower part.
A wall of professional appliances, all in the same style as the rest of the kitchen, completes the project with a wine cellar, microwave oven, steam oven and a fridge-freezer.
Like in all Officine Gullo creations, the composition of the cooking ranges can be fully customized, from the dimensions to the composition of the stove and the engraving of the handles or colors that can be selected from the entire RAL range.

Tenuta di Carleone

The Austrian entrepreneur Karl Egger and his family have been visitors to region of Tuscany for decades. They fell in love with a small corner, just outside the medieval town of Radda in Chianti, between Siena and Florence. They made the decision to purchase an extensive estate stretching acrossapproximately 100 hectares, 20 of which are planted primarily with Sangiovese, plus 10 hectares of olive groves. In addition to establishing a farm estate, the Egger family has restored the beautiful Castiglioni village with its centuries-old chapel and the nearby Pian Vecchio farmstead.
The Tenuta di Carleone winery was founded in 2012, when the Egger family involved British winemaker Sean O’Callaghan, a leading figure for many years in the Chianti wine region. With Sean’s talent, Tenuta di Carleone is now one of the top wine estates in Italy, respectful of the organic and biodynamic principles of wine.