Pure Azulejo

In Portugal, a luxurious private residence is home to the latest project by Officine Gullo. It’s a dream kitchen, made entirely from the finest materials, such as high-thickness stainless steel for the structure, powder coated in an original Pastel Blue shade.

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The colour choice is a tribute to one of the best-known decorative arts in Portugal, azulejos, whose bright hues, especially in shades of blue and white, are interspersed with the light ceramic surfaces, sparking ever-changing geometric motifs. The colour occupies centre stage, expertly paired with burnished brass finishes, such as trims, handles and details. The burnishing, conducted strictly by the skilled hands of the company’s craftspeople, bestows texture on the brass, which acquires characterful contrasts with every passing day. The elegant antique forms are sublimely matched with up-to-the-minute sophisticated kitchen technology.

The kitchen comes equipped with the very best professional refrigeration and cooking appliances. One of the company’s goals is the creation of a “home restaurant”, enabling every customer to cook at home in the same way that a chef does at a restaurant.

All the cooking elements are capable of professional performance, yet are manufactured according to the principles of household ergonomics for everyday home use with the utmost convenience. Due to their design, non-professional cooks can use all of the available functions. In detail, the project consists of a linear kitchen with striking walls (4 metres), whose upper part vaunts: two steel wall surfaces at the ends, an induction stove, a range with 6 high-performance gas burners, a coup de feu, and a smooth and grooved fry top.

The lower part consists of an electric oven and a dishwasher. Above the entire cooking block, a professional extraction hood and an elegant copper pediment graced with the Florentine fleur-de-lis and two practical brass shelves for pots. An island stands at the heart of the kitchen, topped with a refined stone counter and two washbasins with faucets, both entirely in burnished brass. Two dishwashers are nestled in the lower section of the island alongside drawers and storage space. On the shorter side of the island, space has been allocated for stools to encourage quality time together during food preparation. The right side of the kitchen features a signature wall with hand-decorated wooden cornices and masonry, in addition to a set of built-in appliances, including a refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, blast chiller and a sous-vide machine.