OG Professional Cooking Ranges

Sophisticated technology for professional use merges with distinctive detailed design which drives the kitchen aesthetic. The joy of the freestanding OG Professional range cooker is that the appliance can be situated anywhere, even distanced from the remaining kitchen accoutrements. This independence ensures that the range cookers stand in their own spotlight, breaking away from the norm and occupying center stage.

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The OG Professional collection focuses on the technical and design details. The bodywork is crafted using steel plating, which measures up to 3 mm in thickness, and refined with solid brass finishes. The technological core boasts a set of burners, which operate up to 10 kW in power, spacious multifunction and ventilated stainless-steel ovens, and a range of professional cooking additions derived straight from haute cuisine.

Boasting a standard depth of 70 cm, the OG Professional range provides 6 modules of variable width, from 88 to 208 cm: 88, 128, 148, 168, 188 and 208 cm. Several elements can be chosen to equip the appliance’s cooktop and oven. High-performance burners can be configured on the cooktop alongside additional cooking elements, such as a smooth or grooved fry top, coup de feu, maxi wok burners, electric grills, pasta cookers and fryers, or finished with a washbasin and faucets, or even a useful neutral high-thickness steel work counter. Lower down, professional ovens can be switched in with practical container units or drawers.

The OGS128 model is the most compact freestanding range cooker for those wanting to design a professional kitchen at home. Almost 1.30 meters wide, this appliance can create up to 3 cooking areas on the cooktop, while a container unit or useful food warmer can be added alongside the undermounted professional oven.

Almost 1.50 meter wide, the OGS148 is an exceptional and complete option for professional and amateur cooks alike. The appliance blends two well-sized cooking areas (for pasta and meat courses) in a single block, like the 60 cm smooth and grooved frytop. This range is a flexible alternative for straightforward cooking methods with its spacious drawers, which prove functional and convenient.

The result of a philosophy to enhance the potential of the professional cooking range for home use, the OGS168 model is the perfect balance of size and performance, establishing a reputation as the most esteemed option in the OG Professional collection. The compact appliance features an area for food preparation and a separate cooking zone boasting the equipment needed by discerning cooks. This cooking range is the perfect solution for those who enjoy the efficiency of the modern and sophisticated technology used in haute cuisine.

The substantial OGS188 model boasts considerable space and versatility due to the range’s ability to add 60 cm cooking elements. Measuring 188 cm wide, the cooktop can be divided: one half dedicated to preparing pasta and similar dishes on the burners and coup de feu, while the other side is perfect for cooking meat and fish on the burners and frytop. Only one oven is featured in the following version, but a second oven can be added to enable different dishes to be cooked at the same time.

Top-tier technology and functionality in this extremely versatile cooking range, which boasts plenty of space and multiple cooking methods. Measuring more than 2 meters wide, the OGS208 cooking range enables dinner to be prepared for large parties. Up to two ovens can be added, which allows different dishes to be cooked at the same time, while the cooktop can be accessorized with a number of useful appliances, including burners, coup de feu, frytop, pasta cooker and a fryer. Alternatively, a neutral food preparation area can be added.

In addition to the 6 default-size compositions, Officine Gullo ensures that clients can design their own cooking ranges and islands according to customized measurements, choosing a range of cooking elements to be included in the configuration. Every design aspect, from dimensions to composition, is studied to fulfil the needs of individual clients. Custom cooking ranges do not have a standard size or composition.