A Shiny Palace

In Ukraine, in Kiev city centre, a luxurious private residence is home to the latest project by Officine Gullo: a blend of bygone charm and contemporary refinement.

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Style, brightness and high performance characterize the kitchen in which polished brass finishes echo the precious warm shades of gold, which harmoniously accent the opaque white and dark oak joinery. The space consists of a striking 4.8 metre linear kitchen with a stainless steel structure powder coated in opaque Signal White and polished brass handles and decorations.

A long, front, lustrous brass rail runs the entire length of the kitchen, whose upper section consists of a polished steel work surface with welded washbasin and an induction stove, while the lower section features several drawers, storage space, a dishwasher and an oven. Four painted metal pediments vaunting polished brass cornices run along the cooking section. The Florentine fleur-de-lis graces the central pediment. Equipped with built-in LED lighting, an impressive pyramid extraction hood stands above the counter alongside two dark oak joinery elements. A multifunction oven, steam oven, microwave oven and dish-warming drawer are situated next to the metal kitchen, nestled in two joinery columns.

A carpentry wall with two built-in refrigerators and a display cabinet complete the kitchen. The cabinet is enhanced with decorations, internal lighting and polished brass finishes. Like all Officine Gullo creations, the composition of every project can be fully personalized, including the dimensions and the cooking section configuration, and even engraving on the handles and the colours. Each detail is a product of research and artisanal expertise. The cooking appliances are perfectly in line with a top-range professional kitchen.