For the upcoming edition of Decorex 2023, Officine Gullo will present the new line of cooking islands

Officine Gullo cooking islands are design elements capable of completely redefining a space: “unique pieces” around which the entire kitchen revolves. Characterized by Officine Gullo’s iconic aesthetics and high performance, each island is designed to be the focal point where family and friends can gather in their daily activities. It is the place to cook, eat, relax, and come together, from the first cup of morning coffee to the last glass of wine in the evening.

The cooking islands can be harmoniously and coordinately integrated into a complete kitchen restyling project, or they can be easily integrated into different types of designs, from traditional wood kitchens to modern urban steel looks. They can represent an additional stylistic touch to an existing kitchen that needs renewal. Whatever the style of the kitchen, Officine Gullo Islands stand out as a ‘jewel’ with a strong scenic impact and exceptional performance, capable of immediately adding character and uniqueness to the space.

A precise and powerful design element that combines harmonious forms with the latest cooking technologies: like luxurious supercars, elegant and solid, Officine Gullo cooking islands are characterized by a refined design and equipped with a powerful engine that offers extraordinary professional performance. They can be customized with a range of high-end cooking accessories selected by the customer, based on their preferred culinary habits.
Alongside burners or an induction top, clients can also add a range of powerful cooking accessories: pasta cooker, steamer, lava stone barbecue, mirror-finish fry top, and much, much more. One area on the top can be left free of cooking elements to provide a dedicated area for food preparation and eating. Based on the size, an island can be completed with a washing area or a small-sized sink to place alongside the cooking accessories.
Lastly, the space underneath is an important, useful additional cupboard space, as well as providing room for appliances such as an oven or dishwasher.

The island kitchen is a highly functional object that promotes freedom of movement and makes the space very fluid. Being an independent element compared to the rest of the furnishings allows it to be accessible from all sides. This, in addition to its practicality for movement, translates into a multitude of possible uses. The collection features a range of cooking islands composed of 5 models with different widths (168, 188, 208, 228, 248 cm). At Decorex 2023, a 248 cm model in matte black with gunmetal finishes will be exhibited.

Decorex International will take place in London at the Olympia Exhibition Center from the 8th to the 11th of October 2023.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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