The Splendour

A stunning custom project is showcased in the timeless Officine Gullo layout. Along the lengthy wall, a splendid tailored OG Professional cooking range takes center stage, spanning an impressive 4 meters. It features a professional extraction hood and a striking Statuario marble backsplash. Flanking this area are two columns housing appliances and cabinetry, rounding out the dedicated cooking setup. Running perpendicular to the block, two parallel islands stand out. One mirrors the tones of the cooking range and is devoted to food preparation and cleaning, boasting a built-in sink and dishwasher. The other island, adorned in white akin to the cabinetry, is designated for dish assembly and tableware organization. Notably, its exterior side accommodates an extended countertop for guest seating. The kitchen’s ensemble is perfected with a capacious appliance wall dedicated to refrigeration. This includes a column refrigerator, freezer, and a wine cellar. Additionally, an ample washing area is thoughtfully positioned beneath the panoramic window. Every aspect of this kitchen is meticulously designed to ensure unobstructed movement within the work triangle.

Long Island, New York, United States.

Custom OG Professional cooking range featuring 4 burners, griddle, electric barbecue grill, and induction cooktop. It also includes a double multifunction oven, professional extraction hood, dishwasher, multifunction oven, built-in microwave oven, food warming compartment, refrigerator, freezer, and wine cellar.

Colors and Materials
Light Pearl Grey (RAL 9022), Pure White (RAL 9003), Statuario marble, polished chrome, and chrome-plated brass.

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