Outdoor Kitchens

Reinventing your outdoor living

A collection of professional outdoor home kitchens to transform your outside space into the heart of the home.

Outdoor Kitchens

Officine Gullo brings to outdoor spaces all the added values of the company’s unique characteristics: state of the art technology, professional performance, unmistakable style and maximum customization. Convivial moments and culinary activities now become even more pleasant, in an exclusive and sophisticated environment of which the outdoor kitchen is the epicenter.
These settings for conviviality and haute cuisine are designed to become the heart of your home’s outdoor space, where you can gather in the morning to have breakfast, prepare a delicious lunch with the finest professional cooking appliances, cool off after a swim with cocktails by the pool, and enjoy a relaxing aperitivo as you wait for guests to savor a gourmet dinner under the stars.

A turnkey solution

Through a series of combinable independent elements, the Outdoor Kitchen offers infinite customized design solutions. From the composition of the furniture to the selection of a wide range of the best outdoor appliances, tailor-made solutions can be crafted for the kitchen space, combining the customer’s tastes and their culinary habits.The stainless steel can be painted in any color from the RAL range – in addition to custom colors available on request – and enriched with iconic brass finishes. Ultimately, every Outdoor Kitchen can be customized and made unique.

Designed and made in Florence

As with all Officine Gullo creations, the Outdoor Kitchen is designed in Florence, a place historically linked to technology, craftsmanship and art. Heir to the noble tradition of the workshops of nineteenth-century Florentine cooks, the Outdoor Kitchen is made according to the most advanced techniques of working steel and other noble metals, with a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic. The essential becomes art and simplicity is refined.

Designed to endure

The Outdoor Kitchen is designed for outdoor living and is characterized by the use of high-quality AISI 316 stainless steel, known for its excellent anti-corrosive qualities. This material has a low ferrous component and offers unrivaled durability, absolute resistance to corrosion, and an elegant design capable of enhancing any style of furniture. Additionally, stainless steel stands out as an antibacterial material, which makes it ideal for food preparation where hygiene and safety are essential. Unlike other materials, it does not modify the color, flavor or odor of ingredients.
Purity also makes steel one of the most ecological and sustainable materials. 100% recyclable, it guarantees a sustainable economy with an almost eternal life cycle as it can be recycled numerous times without ever losing quality.
In the Outdoor Kitchen range by Officine Gullo, the use of this precious material is combined with precision mechanics from which all the experience of the Italian brand emerges in creating cooking and refrigeration systems with high-performance and functional furnishing elements.

The same comfort and performance as a professional indoor kitchen

The outdoor line offers a series of design solutions equipped with various top appliances, guaranteeing the same functionality and style as Officine Gullo’s professional indoor kitchens.
The highest technology for professional use is combined with an unmistakable aesthetic, precisely designed to become the fulcrum of the external environment.
The modular appliances can be freely positioned in the kitchen according to the culinary needs of its owner in order to create different cooking areas from the grill to the pizza oven, installing different areas for refrigeration, washing and food preparation.
The cooking area is completed by various modular elements for the outdoors: ice boxes, integrated refrigerators, wine coolers, pizza ovens, warming drawers, ice-makers, beer dispensers, as well as taps, sinks and cooking accessories such as side cookers, grills and maxi burners.

Gullo Professional Grill: a restaurant in your garden

The motor of the Outdoor line is the Gullo Professional Grills. Blending a legacy of innovation and craftsmanship through the highest quality cooking systems, Officine Gullo barbecues embrace a new world of culinary possibilities, providing an actual outdoor kitchen in a single suite. Thanks to an array of sophisticated accessories, the barbecues enable home cooks to experiment up to 15 different cooking methods, from the usual grilling to smoking, steaming and frying. The barbecues come with accessories that comprise specialist cooking zones. A fry top, pasta cooker or wok ring can be inserted after removing the grills.

Discover the Professional Grills

Unlimited colours

Our collection can be produced in 42 standard glossy colors, 56 standard matte colors and 14 special colors.
Other personalized colors can be custom created. Other finishings are available on request.

Standard colors

03-1193 Natural Silk - Glossy / Matte
03-1489 Vanilla frost - Glossy / Matte
03-2191 Franciacorta - Glossy / Matte
03-3286 Cashew - Glossy / Matte
03-2764 Cappuccino - Glossy / Matte
04-0178 Smokey - Glossy / Matte
04-0393 Lily White - Glossy / Matte
04-1370 Cloudy Grey - Glossy / Matte
04-0695 Latte - Glossy / Matte
04-0684 Diamond - Glossy / Matte
05-0568 Silver Mist - Glossy / Matte
07-0480 Snowflake - Glossy / Matte
08-0377 Thunder Grey - Glossy / Matte
14-1008 Obsidian - Matte
14-1121 Basalto - Matte
14-0961 Platinum - Glossy / Matte
16-0160 Pietra Serena - Glossy / Matte
01-6785 Wild Salmon - Glossy / Matte
03-0087 Arancia di Sicilia - Glossy / Matte
03-0089 Curry - Glossy / Matte
04-0095 Zafferano - Glossy / Matte
01-4578 Bardolino - Glossy / Matte
24-8762 Sangiovese - Glossy / Matte
24-9953 Syrah - Glossy / Matte
24-8342 Nebbiolo - Glossy / Matte
24-6934 Chianti - Glossy / Matte
22-5428 Deep Grape - Matte
24-3187 Bubblegum - Glossy / Matte
12-3772 Island Breeze - Glossy / Matte
12-3367 Mermaid's Teal - Glossy / Matte
13-0055 Clearwater - Glossy / Matte
13-0028 Peacock Plume - Matte
13-0047 Mediterraneo - Glossy / Matte
14-0052 Grotta azzurra - Glossy / Matte
14-3426 Deep water - Matte
14-9638 Lagoon - Matte
14-8045 Riviera - Glossy / Matte
14-1642 Velvet Nightfall - Glossy / Matte
14-4467 Clear Sky - Glossy / Matte
14-1725 Midnight Serenity - Matte
15-8247 Abyss - Matte
15-7633 Snorkeling - Matte
15-3358 Seraphic Blue - Glossy / Matte
05-3033 Olive - Matte
07-3150 Green apple - Glossy / Matte
07-2361 Matcha - Glossy / Matte
08-1881 Pistachio cream - Glossy / Matte
11-5645 Mint - Glossy / Matte
11-8125 Alpine green - Matte
12-7826 Artichoke - Matte
01-4225 Cocoa - Matte
01-1523 Truffle - Matte
02-4145 Tobacco - Glossy / Matte
03-2346 Mocha - Glossy / Matte
04-2451 Fango - Glossy / Matte
06-1050 Concrete - Glossy / Matte

Special colors

07-3885 Spring Leaf - Matte
11-1458 Salvia - Matte
12-8272 Turchese - Matte
14-3472 Whispering Waves - Matte
01-5485 Cotton Candy - Matte
23-1157 Dusty Mauve - Matte
04-6986 Sorbetto al limone - Matte
18-1364 Delicate Amethyst - Matte
03-4673 Natural Cashmere - Matte
02-9175 Peach Parfait - Matte
01-9469 Pastel Pumpkin - Matte
01-3344 Terracotta - Matte
03-2256 Prosecco - Pearl

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