Precision mechanics

The unquestionable strength of Officine Gullo is the company’s expertise in precision mechanics. The highest level of accuracy is essential in all the metalworking.

Absolute precision must be guaranteed throughout the design and manufacturing stages, from technical drawings to the optimization and final testing of the produced part. Here are some examples of precision mechanics applied to Officine Gullo kitchens.

"Saltaleone" door closure systems

Officine Gullo prefers a mechanical solution with an old soul, indestructible and everlasting (unlike modern magnetic or ball closure systems).


In 8mm thick solid brass, the corners are made by cutting into a brass sheet. They hold the inner part of the doors in our high-thickness metal kitchens. The doors are made from a total of 1.5cm full metal.

Crafting recessed washbasins

Officine Gullo washbasins are welded by hand. Unlike industrial production in which metal plates are thinned in the pressing stage, Officine Gullo washbasins are made exclusively from high-thickness metal.

External hinges

The hinges are manufactured exclusively in solid brass using the ground casting method. This technique consists of casting the molten metal in a mould made from special ground (foundry ground), which is broken at the end of the process in order to remove the part. This manufacturing method dates to the nineteenth century, when prestigious all-metal kitchens, made to measure for noble villas, became an object of desire for the upper middle classes throughout Europe.

Steel work surfaces

Compared with industrialized modular and standard techniques, our manufacturing takes inspiration from the ancient art of bronze smiths, enabling differently sized high-thickness surfaces up to 4mm, which are folded and welded nonstop as one continuous flat work surface, measuring up to 4 metres long.

Engraving on request

All Officine Gullo products can be personalized by engraving designs or decorations dear to the customer on panels and handles.


Manufactured in brass, like the rod that runs the entire length of the kitchen, useful for holding utensils and pots during the various cooking stages, like in the kitchens in old noble villas.


Officine Gullo cooking ranges are equipped with powder-coated baseboards and adorned with brass details. They are reminiscent of the baseboards of old cast-iron stoves, now made more functional as they can be removed for easy cleaning.

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