Art and artisanship

A sublime balance between italian tradition and innovation

Florence as inspiration

None of this would have been possible without Florence

“The beauty of the city in which we have the good fortune to live and work amalgamates the two core aspects of our production: tradition and technology. The wonders of this astonishing place inspire us every day; they guide our imagination every time we devote ourselves to a project. I’m thinking about the perfect geometry concealed on the facades of Florence’s palazzos, about the frescoes and sculptures we have as a guideline while we forge the metal for our creations.”

Officine Gullo was founded in Florence, Italy, where Carmelo Gullo designed tailor-made kitchens and accessories based upon the finest nineteenth-century Florentine cooking traditions, in partnership with local mechanical workshops and bronze artisans, working with noble metals such as steel, burnished copper, cast iron, and brass. Officine Gullo kitchens have always stood out for their handcrafted, prestigious metal finishes.

Kitchens manufactured entirely from metal and made to measure for stately villas have been a highlight of the Florentine artisanal tradition for centuries. During the 1900s, as the steel industry grew, countless artistic foundries around Florence developed expertise in crafting fine metal kitchens, which soon became an object of desire among all of Europe’s upper-middle class.

This tradition was on the verge of being lost forever when Carmelo Gullo gave it new life, carefully saving the appearance, materials, and techniques and infusing the past with the modern technology of professional kitchens for cooking and storing food.

People first
Humanism in Florence

Officine Gullo’s values, methods, procedures, and objectives set it worlds apart culturally from large-scale distributors. Everyone who works with the company has an overview of the product in the design and manufacturing phases.

The sales and marketing office is staffed by architects who forge projects alongside clients to accompany them in every stage of the process, from initial drafts to final installation.
Each of the craftspeople on site in the workshop are adept at crafting kitchens from start to finish, making clients’ dreams and designers’ plans come true. Versatile in their methods, the company’s artisans are bronze and blacksmiths, welders and burnishers; there’s no specific training that prepares our employees for Officine Gullo because here we work with all metals: brass, copper, steel, aluminum and bronze. Every metal has an essence, way of being, and technique, which all our craftspeople must learn through in-house training under the tutelage of master artisans.

Today’s hyper-specialization has turned humans into a mere cog in the industrial machine. By investing in quality and focusing on craftsmanship, Officine Gullo has established itself in the global market, inverting the trend by putting people first, as well as their needs, knowledge, abilities, inventiveness, and the capacity to learn and communicate.
Putting people at the forefront not only means having a general picture, a sense of responsibility, and basic knowledge of the company. First and foremost, it means having the creativity, vision, and courage to venture into unknown territory. It is the same spirit that, at the height of the Renaissance, pushed Italian navigators to discover and explore the New World. Throughout its history, Officine Gullo has predicted and embraced market trends before they become fashionable. This is possible through our deep, in-person relationship with our clients, always listening to their wishes and fulfilling their requirements.

The strength of the company lies in being firmly rooted in centuries-old humanistic values that put people first, whether that’s entrepreneurs with their courage and creativity, skilled coworkers, or clients with their hopes and visions for the future.

“Progetto Memoria”
Artisans, the pride of italian creativity

Officine Gullo kitchens are handcrafted in a highly technological cycle of production. Experts shape materials, giving them a unique feel with light and shade from chiseling and burnishing. The human eye succeeds where machinery cannot, the difference between perfection and mediocrity.
The dexterity of the company’s master artisans plays an essential role in crafting each kitchen. For this reason, Officine Gullo has instituted “Progetto Memoria”, a program whose goal is the appreciation of the human factor in production and the preservation of the exclusive knowledge of our craftsmen’s centuries-old legacy.

Upon entering the company, all Officine Gullo artisans embark on a training course aimed at preserving centuries-old metalworking and Florentine decorative art techniques. The teaching, like in the workshops of old, takes place daily under the tutelage of master craftspeople. This program was made possible thanks to the guidance of individuals who still cherish the artisanal traditions and techniques of their forefathers. These master craftspeople long to support and promote traditional knowledge and its value. Officine Gullo has gathered some of these stories of lifestyle, mastery, and passion, and will use them to enrich the archive of knowledge that we have pledged to preserve.

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