Architectural study and graphic design

Every Officine Gullo creation is based on extensive dialogue with the client and a tailored study of the space where the kitchen will be installed.

The sales and marketing office is staffed by architects, who draw up plans and consult with the client at every stage in the process, from initial draft to assembly. At Officine Gullo, we are proud that the sales and marketing team are also designers. Every client is accompanied by a professional who benefits from a complete overview of the production process, evaluates the client’s requests from a technical viewpoint, and researches potential solutions.

The first meeting enables the designer to understand the client’s tastes, ideas and expectations – for instance, how many people they intend to host as guests and the kitchen styles they love; if a chef will be using the kitchen – as well as evaluating the space and studying the most appropriate solutions for the ambience in relation to the rest of the house. A tailored study, like tailored clothing, that perfectly fits the wearer. Once compiled, the project is submitted to the technical team to determine its feasibility and functionality.

Technical approval paves the way to graphic design with 3D rendering and even Virtual Reality. High-level research results in a final projection of what the kitchen will look like in the context of the actual home. Only then, after the client’s final confirmation, does the production workshop even begin its work. That is why Officine Gullo kitchens are unique: regardless of the features and motifs which have become hallmarks of the product, every kitchen differs because it reflects the unique desires and individual lifestyle of its owner.

Italian design

Eternal design, top performance, tradition, and innovation: these are the cornerstones on which Officine Gullo has built its success as one of the leading Italian design companies worldwide.
In Officine Gullo kitchens, tailor-made structures coexist alongside the most innovative technology in cooking and refrigeration equipment. Design is what joins these two very different spirits, blending the tradition of artistic metalworking with precision mechanics.

“Design” does not only mean aesthetics. It also means planning, the arrangement of all the elements in a harmonious array, aimed at optimizing functionality, performance, and ergonomics.
Officine Gullo kitchens, in addition to being technological jewels and accomplishments of high craftsmanship, are masterpieces of design, as it is through meticulous research and planning that these two diametrically opposed aspects can coexist harmoniously, leading to a unique product.

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